Month: October 2019

Cannabis & Tech Talks sits down with Mike Coner, President of ezGreen Compliance, LIVE at New West Summit 5 in San Francisco. ezGreen Compliance is a point-of-sale software company that empowers cannabis business owners with time-tested technology. In this episode we cover cannabis, hemp, CBD, and the illicit market. Plus, a look at the vaping […]

Solutions for compliant medical cannabis delivery This Blog article is co-authored by Mike Coner + Elizabeth Ashford a delivery technology expert in California Home delivery is the next big thing in the cannabis industry. Some states already allow it; others are considering it. Many jurisdictions aren’t even sure how to legally define the limits […]

Improving customer loyalty is key to building a profitable cannabis brand. In many states, the first wave of cannabis novelty has faded. Selling cannabis products to people is not enough to differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded market. As the cannabis industry matures, dispensary owners find themselves confronting the same issues that have plagued retailers […]

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Use this checklist to make sure you are operating according to compliance guidelines. Opening a dispensary is a uniquely exciting opportunity, but it comes with risks. Beyond the large initial investment required, dispensary owners need to walk a confident path along a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Failure to meet regulatory guidelines can result in the […]

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