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Cannabis Home Delivery- Non Retail Sale: Point-of-Sale Integration and Compliance Part 1

Understanding Compliance rules between track and trace, POS and delivery technologies  

Cannabis home delivery is widely regarded as the next big step in the legal cannabis industry. Success stories like Amazon and UberEats have demonstrated that there is a huge market for everything home-delivered.

However, at the moment, not all cannabis-friendly states have legalized home delivery. Among those that have—like California and Maryland—dispensaries still need to confront significant regulatory hurdles before sending cannabis out the door directly to their customers’ homes.

In some jurisdictions, these regulations are prohibiting a significant number of dispensaries from conducting their own delivery operations. Licensed third-party vendors are popping up to handle this on dispensaries’ behalf—for a fee.

The best-prepared dispensary owners are able to sidestep these service providers and build their own cannabis home delivery platforms. One of the keys to developing a robust, compliant delivery solution is integrating a fully-featured, HIPAA-compliant point-of-sale (POS) system that supports seed-to-sale tracking on a mobile device.

How to Integrate POS Software for Cannabis Home Delivery
ezGreen Compliance POS can integrate with your home delivery app and allow you to both manage the inventory movement and confirm the custodian of ownership is transferred to the patient at the completion of delivery and track the entire transaction under State regulation standards thru Metrc integration reporting.  Remember that in most states, Dispensaries must report all cannabis sales to a seed-to-sale tracking system like METRC. This is relatively easy to do in an in-store retail environment, but it’s harder for delivery people to achieve while serving customers in the comfort of their homes.

In the retail environment, dispensary owners and budtenders can get away with manually inputting sales data into their inventory systems and the state-mandated seed-to-sale system. It’s inefficient and time-consuming, but it works. This strategy breaks down when you have a small fleet of delivery riders putting cannabis products in the hands of customers.

For this to work, dispensary owners need to invest in a mobile-ready POS solution that allows the delivery provider to scan the product upon sale. The data from the scan has to arrive on the same secure  cloud-based server where the dispensary’s main sales data is processed.

Otherwise, double-sales and other discrepancies will inevitably creep into the dispensary’s compliance reports. If compliance processes are not tight enough, it’s only a matter of time before delivery providers realize that they can pilfer product for themselves without any reasonable chance of being caught. In short order, regulators will take notice, and the dispensary will be liable.
Plan Ahead: Integrate Automated Compliance Today

For most cannabis dispensary owners, home delivery is not yet an urgent business need. However, customer demand for delivery services will ensure that this service quickly becomes a market standard. Dispensaries equipped to handle this transition will become market leaders in their territories once the industry matures.

Cannabis home delivery requires a highly automated POS solution that can offer a full set of features in a mobile environment. Implement an optimized cannabis compliance solution today to prepare your dispensary for tomorrow’s market.