Learn about Retail Dispensary Cybersecurity Protocols

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A proposed ASTM International standard will establish best practices for retail dispensary businesses to protect critical database information covering inventory and patient and customer personal information. ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) is developing the proposed standard.

This guide (WK69969) will address mitigating the likelihood of cyberattacks and reduce the extent of potential cyberattacks, which can leave sensitive personal data, corporate information, and critical infrastructure vulnerable to attackers.

“Cybersecurity is among the most prevailing issues concerning the cannabis industry as well as the global cannabis economy,” said Michael Coner, president of ezGreen Compliance. “Establishing strong cybersecurity protocols for dispensary retail owners will help ensure the protection of data to maintain the integrity of cannabis consumers’ personal information.” 

According to Coner, technical lead of the cannabis subcommittee on security and transportation, this standard will be found most useful by retail dispensary owners and compliance directors. He adds, it will provide them standard operating procedures to protect their business data while maintaining compliance standards, which vary state to state. 

The committee invites participation in the development of its standards, specifically retailers and state regulators, to help identify new data security issues that arise while operating active retail dispensary businesses. JOIN ASTM.