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Welcome to the ezGreen Compliance Blog for retailers and dispensaries for Cannabis and CBD products in the US.  For 16 years we have been experts in managing patient data through HIPAA certified medical compliance software and will be sharing our recommendations from our long time developers, compliance council, data experts and legal teams thru free blog posts and white papers.

We welcome your questions & comments.

The Cannabis industry, similar to the pharmaceutical dispensing industry and must abide by the local and state regulations that may be different in neighboring states and regions. It is our job to keep you up to date thru our POS software as well as important added features as we roar towards federal regulations.  It is important to look forward in this industry and be ready.

We will be posting blogs and opinion articles throughout the year covering the following topics:

What our experience in the medical dispensing field has taught us

  1. The costs of POS double data entry
  2. POS workflow inefficiencies
  3. Point of Sale Downtime
  4. Data Breaches (HIPAA and non HIPAA Data)
  5. Taxation and Reporting (280e tax codes for retail)
  6. Compliance is Confusing
  7. Not built for Budtenders

Upon pivoting from medical to  the Cannabis industry last year, we are taking a community approach to compliance and are open to working with

any and all software vendors in the space and most importantly value feedback from the market.

If you are a retail or dispensary owner or employee, a legislator, a cannabis program regulator, lobbyist or a general advocate for all patients to legally have the right to consume Cannabis for medicinal purposes and deserve to have your patient rights for privacy around personal data, we would like to hear from you.

Just click on any of our blogs and share your questions, comments and your email and someone from our team will get back to you.

The Cannabis industry is growing very quickly and the right traceability and data protection standards will allow the industry to evolve in a beautiful way and we are here to help.



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