Month: November 2019

Managing an all-cash business requires extra planning and security. North American marijuana sales are projected to top $20 billion by 2021. The vast majority of those payments will be made in cash. Cannabis industry organizations don’t have access to institutional financial tools like everyone else does. The fact that the United States federal government still […]

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Find out what mistakes the state’s non-compliant dispensaries made. On November 1st, almost 400 California-based cannabis businesses closed overnight. The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has issued 394 notices to cannabis retailers, delivery services, and distributors, informing them that they cannot conduct business legally until they undergo mandatory state training and re-apply for their licenses. […]

Hemp, Cannabis and the Black Market: A Discussion of Quality and Safety There are enormous profits to be made in cannabis and corporations are ready to do what they do best – acquire it, scale it, and mass distribute it. Quality control of product to needs to be established to assure a standard of shelf […]

The blog has been co-authored with Tim Gunther the founder of,  There are over 18,000+ issued dispensary/retail licenses in the U.S. and growing, if you include retail stores that are selling hemp related products it climbs significantly.  What does a cannabis dispensary environment look like from a compliance perspective? There is so much […]