A No-Brainer for Cannabis Dispensary Owners: HIPAA-Compliant POS Software with No Up-Front Costs

Find out how to automate the most time-consuming parts of regulatory compliance at no cost!

Keeping your dispensary profitable and efficient is no easy task.

Retail dispensary owners are used to sudden regulatory changes, ambiguous guidelines, and a general lack of direction on lawmakers’ behalf.  

It makes sense. Legal cannabis is still new. Many states are still figuring out how to handle it appropriately.

But in the end, it means that your dispensary’s success hinges on you making zero mistakes. That’s a pretty high bar to set, yet here we are.

Regulatory hurdles can complicate even the simplest acquisitions. If you choose a standard retail cannabis point of sale (POS) system, you could end up spending an average of $15,000-$18,000 annually per location. And since you can’t deduct those expenses on your taxes, you have to pay up.

Unless you integrate a zero-cost solution made specifically for the cannabis industry. Then, you could process payments, update inventory, and report to Metrc at the push of a button. That’s what ezGreen’s compliance-oriented POS solution offers.

Automate Dispensary Compliance Without Upfront Costs

ezGreen is the dispensary owner’s one-stop-shop for automated compliance. When you integrate ezGreen into your retail cannabis shop, you can track inventory, report transactions, and calculate your tax liability instantly. The system performs all the heavy lifting every time you swipe a product barcode.

This allows dispensary owners to spend less time auditing inventory and more time interfacing with customers.

The result? Fewer compliance obstacles, massively improved employee-efficiency, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing regulators won’t be knocking on your door any time soon.

Here are some of the reasons why ezGreen’s POS solution is a no-brainer for cannabis dispensary owners:

  • It automatically calculates taxes owed for all inventory and separates products above and below 3% THC.
  • You can create custom reports for different departments – retail, inventory, accounting, and more.
  • You can use ezGreen to track customer loyalty and even integrate email and SMS marketing directly into the system.
  • It’s a hardware-agnostic platform designed for plug-and-play functionality. You can deploy ezGreen and get it up and running on your existing tablets, thermal printers and barcode scanners.
  • It uses secure APIs to sync transactions and inventory tracking in METRC state mandated track and trace compliance.

But there’s more.

ezGreen doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee, and it doesn’t cost a dime to install and deploy. Instead, we charge a low transaction fee paid by the consumer at the point of purchase.

This makes ezGreen’s HIPAA-compliant POS system a scalable solution for dispensaries of all sizes. Whether you have five or five hundred customers a day, you can afford to automate compliance, keep regulators happy, and keep your employees focused on high-impact, value-generating tasks.

Call us to find out how on-demand compliance can transform the experience of running a cannabis dispensary.


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