Successful Cannabis Retail to Home Delivery Relies on These 3 Elements

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Implement home delivery in a compliant, streamlined way and watch your business grow.

Brick-and-mortar businesses had a tough year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain the resources of physical retailers everywhere, and the cannabis business is no exception.

But cannabis dispensary owners across California have reported phenomenal growth thanks to the industry’s “essential business” classification and the ability to provide consumers a home delivery service. Cannabis users are increasingly ordering in, and the few dispensaries capable of honoring those orders are growing at a rapid pace.

However, setting up a successful home delivery service in a tightly regulated industry isn’t easy. Cannabis dispensary owners have to carefully avoid the pitfalls that can compromise their efforts.

3 Simple Steps to Successful Cannabis Delivery

Every successful home cannabis delivery solution shares three principal characteristics:

  • Fast and Intuitive for Customers. Cannabis customers need a simple user interface that makes ordering easy. In a head-to-head competition between two home delivery apps, the one that requires fewer user actions will almost always earn a competitive edge.
  • Quick, Reliable Delivery. Customer expectations are higher than ever. Your home delivery service must be able to reliably deliver the correct products to the correct people in a reasonable timeframe. Organizing your delivery service efficiently is not complicated, but it can be harder than it sounds.
  • Automated Transaction Reporting. Keeping track of inventory and accurately reporting delivery transactions is one of the primary pitfalls that cannabis delivery services run into. You need to implement a fully integrated reporting solution with your delivery system to maintain BCC compliance regulations with reports made directly in METRC track and trace software.

None of these steps are complicated, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to implement. Your delivery solution has to perform seamlessly, whether you have two orders or two hundred orders a day.

Introducing the ezGreen Compliance POS Delivery Solution

California cannabis dispensaries can implement a powerful integrated tracking and reporting solution to tie their home delivery together and prevent costly compliance issues. This bundle of fully integrated systems begins with your point-of-sale solution and communicates data between inventory, logistics, and compliance automatically.

By partnering with CannVeya, a best-in-class home delivery logistics platform, and CannCurrent for API integrations, our all-in-one bundle gives dispensary owners everything they need to offer robust, scalable home delivery services to customers.

Our all-in-one bundle lets dispensary owners integrate third-party software into a single, intuitive interface. Use it to establish flexible workflows that your customers and employees can understand.

The ezGreen California home delivery solution is:

  • Compliant with all applicable California rules and listed as a BCC validated software vendor.
  • Flexible enough to connect with any other software feature you may want to use.
  • Integrated with Metrc.
  • Agile and responsive enough for dispensary owners to eliminate systems that don’t communicate.
  • Safer for customers than standing in line in busy retail shops in the middle of a public health emergency.

Find out more about our POS Integration and Compliance solutions and position your dispensary to thrive in today’s challenging environment.